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Insurance Resources

Fredericksburg Financial LLC offers comprehensive life, disability and long-term care insurance solutions with with many of the major life insurance companies in the United States.  Financial strength and stability is our key requirement in order to pursue the financial planning goals of our clients.  It also allows our firm the flexibility to offer our clients appropriate products based on need, budget requirements and financial objectives. For information on these key components of personal and business planning, please send a personal quote request located on this site or email me directly at

  1. Term and Permanent (Cash Value) Life Insurance Products
  2. Disability Income and Long Term Care Insurance Products

  1. Variable Life and Annuity Products
  2. 412(i) Plan Options (Executive Benefit Programs)
  3. Pension Plans

Fixed and Equity Indexed Life and Annuity Products

Offered through the following approved insurance brokerage sources through Securities America, Inc.

FIG Marketing  (North Carolina)

Highland Capital Brokerage (North Carolina)

USAdvisors Inc.  (Minnesota)